April 30, 2018 somervillefs

Somerville Financial Services Ltd have acted on behalf of this company for over 20 years and they have seen the employee base grow from 10 to 145 today.

They have always provided balanced, considered advice in a thoroughly professional manner over the years, not only to the Company but also to all of the individual employees who have passed through the company over this period, which total around 275 people, most of whom they continue to act for.

They have recently guided the company through the various stages of Auto Enrolment, which made our processing so much easier.

They provide our employees with timely, regular and pertinent advice and guidance as and when the Pension Laws change, picking up on matters such as Lifetime Allowances for the higher earners.

Many employees have used Somerville’s for other personal matters, such as general financial advice, mortgage advice and tax planning.

Somerville’s also act for the company on the company Life Assurance scheme of 4 times salary and the Permanent Health Insurance, which they market for us every year and therefore keep our costs down to an acceptable level. They have been most helpful whenever any claim has had to be dealt with under these two policies.

In addition to these policies they manage our Private Health Insurance scheme, which over the years has moved three times with very few problems for the company and the staff, which has been very impressive.